A Game For The Living

A Game For The Living is the title of a book by Patricia Highsmith. It’s a very evocative title and I felt it suited the work. The piece is about the passage of time – sometimes life can seem like a game of chance in that random events have huge consequences on the course of our lives and life is a fragile thing. The central picture is of my friend Loxley at his wedding in the seventies. Recently he celebrated his 70th birthday and hidden away in the piece is a picture of him as he is today. The man on the motorbike is my dad in the fifties and there is also a small picture of my dad when he was old. The coloured glass and the magnifying glasses distort in the same way that our memories are distorted over time.



2017 | A wall piece constructed from salvaged wood, coloured glass, photographs and other found objects.
80 cm x 85 cm x 20 cm

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