• Working With Salvaged Wood – The Process
    Working With Salvaged Wood – my process The salvaged wood constructions generally take the form of wall pieces, although I have made several towers, a sphere that hangs and I intend to make some tower like constructions that hang from the ceiling. I begin by making a wooden frame for the work usually out of
  • Cities as inspiration
     Cities as inspiration for my art ‘Make me wanna holler’ is a line from Marvin Gaye’s seminal tune, Inner City Blues – it’s as relevant today as it was in the late sixties, but for different reasons.  At that time our cities were suffering from decay and urban blight.  Today, issues of affordability and inequality have
  • Inside The Matrix Maker
    Reflections on a sculpture, The Lightning.  An essay by artist, Shaun Caton The matrix maker inhabits a lofty room, with its leprous ceiling, at the top of a church on the Walworth Road. One rainy afternoon, I was invited to visit and ushered into the inner sanctum for an expedition into the matrix. The stupendous
  • Locating the Self / Welcoming the Other in British and Irish Art 1990-2020
    Valérie Morisson, Université de Bourgogne Franch-Comté, 21000 Dijon Excerpt from Section 1, Chapter 3 Though smaller in size and somehow more contained, Lesley Hilling’s sculptures bring forth the image of the attic filled with long-forgotten family treasures. They include objects related to her childhood, family photographs or belongings as well as objects bought on car-boot